I must say I was very surprised when I visited the campus for the first time. It’s huuuuuge! I arrived at Tallahassee the day before the late orientation and so I did not have much time to familiarize myself with the campus and the result was that I missed most of my classes on the first day. However, it was easy to quickly find the quickest ways to each of my classes. Fortunately, three out of the four classes I was enrolled in were at the same building. There are also campus-buses that drive around campus and make it easy to make your way around campus. Click here for a virtual tour of the campus.

The size of the campus is not the only great thing about it. The atmosphere on campus is extremely tranquil and peaceful. It is as if you were in an enormous garden with buildings all over it. You can almost sit down and start working or studying almost anywhere. There are benches all around campus and you can just sit down and work for a bit in between classes. The atmosphere definitely helps you do that. Another thing; there are squirrels everywhere! They are such amazing creatures. Sometimes I find myself just staring at one climbing a tree or whatever for a while. Once I saw an eagle attack a squirrel! But the squirrel got away. The eagle was getting annoyed by the camera flashes so he flew away.

Food on campus is also pretty good. There is a good variety of food around campus. There is a cafeteria at the main hangout on campus which has few restaurants. It has Japanese and chicken and rice type cuisine, as well as Papa John’s and another frozen yogurt/smoothie parlor. There are a few hot dog stands that sell beef hotdogs and I must say, they are probably the best hotdogs I’ve had. Other than that, among the other cafeterias is one called “Suwannee’s”. It is an all you can eat buffet a wide variety of good food which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Finally, there is a Chilis on campus. Chilis is… Chilis. You just can’t go wrong choosing to eat there.

Another great thing about campus is the facilities that it provides such as the gymnasium, library, sports fields, etc. It would take a whole blog just to go over all the services, equipments, books, etc. the library and Gymnasium have at the students’ disposal. There are several libraries around campus, each focusing on a different set of areas of study; there is a medical library, an engineering library, etc. The main library though, Strozier Library is general. That’s all I’ll say about it and the gym for now. Anticipate the rest!


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