3rd post: Almost Thanksgiving….

This has been my most hectic weekend ever. A calculus exam, a chemistry exam, a psychology quiz, a conference with my English professor, mastering chemistry homework, a bonus assignment, a final draft for a research paper and a proposal for another English project! Ugh craziest week ever and it’s still not over! Thanksgiving break is such a tease…so close but still so many hours away…so much that has to be done to attain it!

Did I mention that I had to schedule a much needed haircut and an eid dinner in between that too? Tip for incoming desi’s at FSU: be really nice to the aunties and they always will remember you whenever they have a party in their house!!And that’s not just it, they also pack up a lot of food (yummy traditional desi spicy food!) for you to take back home!

I finished editing my spring schedule this week too finally. Here at FSU registration for classes is according to credit hours previously received. So that means that Honors and seniors go first, then juniors then sophomores and then finally the freshman. If you come in with no previous college credit, well, the classes fill up pretty quickly but there are always other ways ,apart for waiting for a whole semester, to get into a class you really want to get into!

Florida State has policy about first day attendance. Attendance on the first days of classes is mandatory and if someone doesn’t show up or didn’t wake up in the morning BAM! Instantly dropped from class. This means that if someone else doesn’t have the class and they just show up in the morning the instructor would enroll that person into the class in place of the person dropped!

But it’s always best to be prepared and alternate courses should be looked into. To make registration a tear-free/ tantrum- frees process its best to always keep a check on what classes are open or would be open by the time registration opens. I love Rate my professor, mostly because it is the only website I know, but also because it covers a lot of FSU professors who are rated by previous students…it’s an excellent way to weed out the mean-ies.

Always keep a campus map in your hands when registering!!!You don’t want to end up running all over campus trying to get to your next class in 5 minutes! Another tip I found helpful when signing up was my going to meet my advisor. I don’t know about other advisors but my pre engineering advisor s really cool and has never let anyone miss a single deadline. I’ve been to see him twice this semester already and have emailed and called him multiple times. FSU has a really cool advising structure, there is advising first which is for general advising stuff, then there are advisors specific to majors, they also have success coaches and student centers!  So there is a lot of material available!

Signing off!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


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