First Post:

I hate flying… I am absolutely terrified of heights and even though I gripped the edges of my seat with all my strength nothing reduced the panic that I felt. Do I also need to add that I’m claustrophobic? Sitting in a plane for a 16 ½ hour stretch with closed corners, no sleep and crying babies does wonders for my nerves! I was so glad when the plane finally landed in Houston.

The guy sitting next to me was an Indian student and he told me that this is where my troubles would actually begin and he started telling me stories of his Pakistani friends who had been previously detained for hours at immigrations. Surprisingly the guy behind the counter was really lenient and he didn’t ask me anything at all he cleared me immediately! My Indian friend got whisked off for interrogation by the immigrations officials however.

America? Where do I begin? The vast number of open stretches of land all around me or the people who smile at you even if they’ve never met you?

Tallahassee is a completely different story. Even from the plane all I could see were trees. The airport is kind of small which could be an inconvenience sometimes.  I’ll keep going on and on in my blog about trees and how green it is but that’s mostly because I come from Karachi where trees and greenery is scarce. Anyway, through most of my drive to the campus there were arched trees all over the roads and (truth be told my friend Fatima who is a p.h.d student here took me through the more scenic roads of Tallahassee so that I’d like it more) I’ve been told that we have the best canopied roads.

The campus is mostly red brick buildings and is huge. The architecture is Victorian styled especially found in the buildings on the west side which is where I live in Cawthon Hall which btw is not haunted! It is one of the newly renovated ones and the rooms are really spacious and nice!

The fun part of being in an LLC is that you get instant friends of like 30 or more people who share if not your exact major but similar academic   interests. You also get at least one person who is in the same class as you and therefore someone to walk to class with, study with and takes notes from if you slack off from class . This is especially helpful if you sign up for 8am classes thinking that you’d be okay since you made it through high school. Well I hate to break it to you but it’s not high school anymore! And 8am classes are the worst!

Unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to guide me and I signed up for 8am classes for all the days of the week and now I suffer alone in my misery especially when I have to roll out of my warm bed every morning and see my roommates sleeping comfortably in their beds :/

Well, I’m gonna sign off more next week…!! !


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