Hey my name is Nastaren Abad and I’m an international student from Pakistan at FSU! I was born and raised in Pakistan and it’s my first time in the US, it’s also my first time away from home (I miss my dog a lot ) I also miss my mom’s cooking though I would never admit that to her on her face. Myself, I hate cooking…I don’t really hate cooking I can cook really decent meals I actually hate doing anything that requires effort. I have to be seriously motivated to start a new project in my life, and that’s how I got my cell phone…my dad promised to buy me a new one only if I got good grades but that’s another story.

Okay, so I did my o-levels and a-levels from Karachi. When I started college scooping my advisor gave me a list of schools in which you would get the best value for your money and FSU was mentioned in it, so I applied and got accepted. Then my dad found out that this was the cheapest place I had gotten admission into and well here I am!

Honestly I was very hesitant about coming here. I didn’t really know that much about it and I have almost no family in Florida but I love it here! (And I’m not just saying that because they’re going to pay me for writing all of this down!) I really actually feel like I belong here. There are about 40,000 students on campus and the campus has amazing diversity! It is so easy to find your social group and to form an identity for yourself. Frankly, everyone had freaked me out about coming here all the way from Pakistan but nobody really cares where you are from…

My roommates are super amazing and I made a whole range of friends just because I am in a Living Learning Community for Women in Math’s, Science and Engineering. My professors are also really helpful they give a lot of initiatives to get a good grade which is cool!

So after exactly 3 months and 2 days I can confidently say that I’ve settled down. Even though Tallahassee is really small compared to where I come from there is always something new going on both on campus and downtown. I am really excited about my spring term and future terms here and sharing my experiences with this blog!!!!

My blog: if you haven’t really gotten an idea yet, I’ll be blogging about…yes! About me! I have a huge ego in addition to my laziness and I will be rambling about myself all the time, my experiences as a Pakistani-FSU student and about all the cool things that I do..Places to be and stuff that’s happening in Tally most importantly in FSU. I’ll also try to answer any questions about getting here, the admission process and other equally important stuff! Happy Reading!


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