Post 2: What’s rocking Tally?

I finally turned 18 last week!!!!It’s a miracle, I thought this day would never come but it did and I’m finally classified as an adult now. My life has more meaning, I get to sign contracts, get a permanent residency form, I get to vote, I can drive a car without a co-person, take part in psychology experiments to complete the extra credit requirements needed for passing the class (which is kind of redundant btw) go to club downunder and I can get married without my parents’ permission… As much as I love my country I don’t agree  with the fact that I can’t get an i.d or drive there until I’m 18.

So my last week was very very chill, mostly because we had a holiday right in the middle of the week and that holiday was on Thursday i.e. the day following my birthday 😛 I got to stay out late. I ended up going to a really awesome Thai restaurant called Bahn Thai and I ate straight Thai (spicy food is the best “pick me up” ever!) Then I went to a sheesha place called Aladdin’s which is cool but I still recommend the one near our campus to everyone… it’s the best place to do homework cause it’s so quiet, the manager is super friendly (he gave me a free cake piece on my birthday) and they have amazing tea…. And then I went clubbing; for the first time in my life. Let me tell you clubbing is like nothing any one can imagine and the movies don’t give an accurate picture it is….. (Drum roll)…. boring because no one is actually “dancing”-if you all get my flow. I went with my ‘desi’ friends and we ended up Indian-o-fying all the songs, which was the fun part.

This weekend we had a football game versus Clemson and we won. I love the FSU spirit and how the whole city is practically immersed into the game.

I followed the game through the internet and when Dustin Hopkins made the 55 yard field goal, which gave FSU a 16-13, win at the last minute, the resounding cheer could be heard all the way from the Doak Campbell stadium over onto College Avenue which I was passing by at that time!!! Way to go Seminoles!

BTW EID MUBARAK to all! Technically being so far from home you can’t really feel the whole festive spirit. I spent the whole of eid day hopping from one class to the next but a party can only be as merry as you make it so in order to revive the festivities my friends gathered at my friend Fatima’s house and we made food….okay! I just ate the food but I did volunteer to DJ for them. I played really sappy cheesy Pakistani and Indian songs all night which put everyone in a good mood so I can easily say I was the life of the party.

We also have Majestic Asia going on right now. It is a weeklong event in which different Asian student organizations come together and celebrate the Asian heritage!! Till now we have had a Parol workshop(Parol’s are those 3D stars hung up during Christmas time )hosted by the Filipino Student Association, Diwali Dhamaka by the Indian student association and Royal Flush by the Chinese Language and Culture Association and more events from today till Sunday !!!!

Today is also Marketplace Wednesday! It is basically a combo of ‘tables’ set up in the union courtyard by student organizations, street vendors and students who sell and advertise things or projects! The whole atmosphere is amazing and my roommate just bought an amazing sea green dress for $5 so it’s also extremely cheap…an excellent place for poor students like me.


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