Student Life and American Football

In Tally, not a day goes by without any sort of activity going on, whether it is on campus or off campus. A couple of weeks ago there was a “Homecoming Week”, which is a week of different events that take place on campus and they are completely free of charge to FSU students. This week starts off with a concert in which popular artists perform for over 5,000 members of the FSU community. Ludacris performed in the last concert! The rest of the week is packed with events including the FSU circus, performances by comedians, and finally, it ends with the most anticipated event, an FSU football game! Football games are extremely enjoyable to watch even if you have not the slightest idea about American Football. The stadium is always full for every home game and the atmosphere is sensational. The FSU fans are very proud and their chants don’t stop throughout the entire match. You are forced to feel the excitement of the game even if you don’t really understand it! These football games are played every Sunday and it would be a great experience to go to these games. Tickets are cheap and available online and it’s really not much of a hassle to purchase them.

Aside from Homecoming Week and football games, there are so many other activities going on. Every Wednesday there is this “Market Wednesday” at the so called “Oglesby Union”. On Wednesdays basically, the union is full of booths where you can buy stuff, from clothing to DVDs and there are also activities that you can participate in with the chance of getting prizes. This union provides various student services and opportunities to get involved. Off-campus activities can either be hosted by the student activities center, located at the union, or by other organizations; most of the time there are fliers at the bus stops or people giving them out to let you know about these activities. In the union there is also the main cafeteria, Crenshaw Lanes, which is a bowling and billiards place, Friday Night Activities that happen every Friday, and much more. You can see these events and more detail about the union by clicking here.

The Askew Student Life Center is a center in which there are a number of things for students to do. In this center is there is a cinema that plays popular new and old movies, free of charge to FSU students. It is an actual cinema in the literal sense, huge screen, stadium seating, surround sound system, etc. Also in the ASLC is the Cyber Café and Lounge. There are many computers for online gaming or surfing, board games, TVs, and it is a great hangout place for between classes, before tests to meet with friends and do some last-minute studying, or to just spend time with friends. There is also a “Reel Coffee” that serves a variety of beverages and baked goods. Finally, there are meeting rooms which you can reserve for group meetings or events. For more detailed information on the cinema, lounge or meeting rooms of the ASCL, click here to go to the ASLC home page. The amount of things available to FSU students is unbelievable and the great thing about it is that so much of it is free!


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