The Bobby E. Leach Center and Sports

The Leach Center is more than just FSU’s gym. It is definitely one of the best gyms I have ever been to, and probably is the best. First of all, let me talk about the machines available. It has so many different machines that can work out every muscle in your body. You will rarely have to wait in order to use a machine that someone else is using, because there are at least 2 of each machine, and there are many similar machines that work out the same muscles. They have fitness machines, free-weight machines, and cardio-vascular machines.

Apart from the machines, there is an indoor track on the third floor that overlooks the swimming pool. The swimming pool has 16 lanes, diving boards, and nets for pool basketball. There is also an open area for which you can reserve goals for pool handball. In the pool area, there are 2 steam rooms, a sauna, and 2 hot tubs, a small one and a large one. The pool offers swimming classes and Open Water scuba diving classes, as well as a 100 mile club. This is a club where basically, you must swim 100 miles over the course of the year. Locker rooms are big enough to never be even close to full. Over 600 lockers are spread out among the 4 locker rooms; men’s general, men faculty/staff, women’s general, women faculty and staff. Lockers can be rented for free at the front desk. Towels are not free to rent but are cheap.

For all of you athletes out there, the leach center has a number of courts, for various sports. It has 6 racquetball/squash courts, 3 regulation-sized basketball courts in which 2 are available for pick-up basketball and shoot arounds, and 1 is designated for volleyball, badminton, and table-tennis, 2 multipurpose courts for volleyball or badminton, and just outside the leach center are several tennis courts. Those courts are available anytime the gym is open. Most of these sports have clubs that you either have to tryout to join or you can just go and play. That depends on the sport. That being said, if you do not make the team of the sport you tried out for, intramurals and tournaments are held throughout the year for the different sports and pick-up matches are also easy to set up. Soccer is one sport that I have not mentioned yet. There are plenty of opportunities to play soccer. There is a club that you have to try out for, intramurals, fields free to play at around campus. There is no need to worry about finding an opportunity to play any sport. It is really easy. Of course there are so many more sports clubs that you can join such as hockey, baseball, bowling, surfing, equestrian and more.

Services at the Leach center are top-notch. They have many different group exercise classes for fitness, cardio, and mind & body exercises. There are also free nutrition classes, body composition analysis, massage therapy, etc. Finally, there is smoothie stand that sells nutritious shakes and smoothies and some protein bars. Exercise and sports should be regular things in the weekly schedule of a student at university. For more information on the Leach center or any of the sports, click here.


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