Classes and Registration

It is time to register for classes for spring. I had meetings with advisors last week which reminded me of the one thing that can be easily undervalued at university: advising. It is crucial to think carefully with an advisor before registering for classes at the beginning of each semester. A mistake can cause you a whole lot of trouble just like I was caused a lot of trouble. Thankfully, there are many advisors who are gladly willing to help any student of any major. There are general advisors and major-specific advisors. If I had one thing to tell you to do with regards to registering for classes, that would be to sit down with an advisor and discuss your schedule thoroughly. Registration is done online, and once you have discussed your schedule with an advisor, all you have to do is go online and find the courses that you want to register for and register for them. The hard part is figuring out your schedule. There’s this thing at FSU called “Advising First”. It is all about helping students build the best possible schedule. They have their own website. Click here to view it.

Once that is taken care of, you finally start going to class. During the first week of class, you have the opportunity to change your schedule. This first week of classes is called drop/add week. You can drop classes and add others as you see fit as often as you need as long as you do so during drop/add. This is very useful, as many times when you plan a schedule with an advisor, you may not be able to register for some of the classes you want to take because it is full. This especially happens to freshman since they are the last group that’s window of registration opens, as it opens after it does for the seniors, juniors, and sophomores, respectively. During drop/add, people always seem to drop out of classes and those just might be the same classes that you wanted to take but were full. Now you can take those classes. So you have to always go back to the registration page and check to see if classes have opened up and be the first to sign up for them.

Classes are really comfortable here at FSU. Professors are really understanding and sympathetic towards students most of the time. I only didn’t say always instead of ‘most of the time’ because I haven’t been taught by every professor at FSU, but so far, all my professors have been great with the students, including myself. They try to make class as enjoyable as possible too. My economics class can sometimes be the most fun part of the day. The professor always tries to come up with ways to make class activities as enjoyable as they are practical and useful in helping the students remember the points of the lesson; and he does a terrific job at that. All professors have “walk-in” hours too; so if you have questions about anything you took in class, you can meet with your professors during those walk-in hours and they will definitely help you out.

Most important points to remember:

1)      See an advisor as soon as you arrive at FSU.

2)      Register for classes as soon as you’ve figured out a schedule with you advisor.

3)      Professors are willing to help, so go to them during their office hours if you have questions.

As long as you remember those three things, you should be just fine.


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