Strozier, The Main Library

You knew it was coming. Here it is; the post about Strozier. If you have read my introduction, then you know that FSU is a highly ranked research institute in the United States. Needless to say then, Strozier has an outstanding amount of resources! Together with the other libraries, its collection has over three million volumes, 78,000 periodicals and serials, and over 600 databases, many of which is available online. Those can be dated way back in the 16-1700s and onward. The library’s new undergraduate common area (ground floor) was renovated to help undergraduate students with anything and everything, from one-on-one tutoring/helping to group workshops, and through the reading/writing center, you can ask for your assignment to be revised and you will be given some great feedback that will allow you to always be able to achieve the highest grades possible on each and every assignment. There are also language tutors for Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian. There is also “Advising First” at the library where you can walk in to their office and ask for advising and they’ll help you right away if they are not busy with other students. There is a more than sufficient amount of computers with internet access spread over the different levels. There are sound-proof rooms that you can reserve for group work with projectors. The atmosphere is just great for doing homework assignments and projects. In fact, I’ve done most of my assignments at Strozier because it helps me focus on the assignment and at the same time, the internet is really fast and you can do all the research you need easily. There are also quiet areas designated for studying and people who need absolute silence in order to work effectively. There is a media center with computers designated for editing pictures, articles, publishing, etc. The screens are all large flat screens and no sound is allowed from computers without headphones/earphones, which makes even the non-quiet zones quiet enough for working on assignments and studying. There is a lot of space between each computer so you can be extremely comfortable. Here’s the highlight though. There’s a Starbucks on the ground floor with a tempting resting area where you can enjoy some silent reading or conversations with friends or work groups, partners, etc. Now, with all that being said, no matter how much you know or hear about this library, you would definitely still be overwhelmed with all the equipment and services that it offers. Click here for a link to the Libraries home page where you can find links to each of the libraries, or click here for a link to the undergraduate common area at Strozier.

Just outside of Strozier is Landis Green. That is the main park on campus. It is such a beautiful place to chill on nice sunny days. It gets more and more enchanting as spring draws nearer.  Eventually you will just not be able to resist lying down on its grass. It is also a great hangout and place for casual sports such as throwing a Frisbee or an American football around. Sometimes people play soccer there too. Finally, the Legacy Fountain is a fountain located in the center of the park and adds to its beautiful and pleasant aura.


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