Finals Week:

Just one more exam to go and then I will be done! Wow! The first semester zoomed by so fast it almost makes me nostalgic if I stop and think about it…..almost.

As much as I love FSU and the people and everything, a good long 10-12 hour sleep is more precious to me than anything in the world, and so I’m gonna pack my bags tonight, give my exam tomorrow and exit into my own personal solitude for the next three and a half weeks. Oh and I’m going to finally do my laundry too…sometime tonight.

Anyway back to finals week. Surviving finals week isn’t very hard. All you have to do is say goodbye to a good-nights sleep and assure yourself of the bright future that awaits you if you do well and that you get 3weeks off after just a week.  So today I bestow on you helpful tips that I found useful during my time of stress 🙂

1)      Don’t Panic

I know that sounds hard but try not to panic that much. First check how much your final is actually worth. If it’s less than 20% then you won’t be really able to bring it more up than a grade so relax the worst that can happen is that you’d have to take the class again next term

2)      But don’t relax to much either

However if the grade is worth more than 20% you’ve hit the jackpot so study hard. However it’s best not to go to class thinking that you need to get an 80 or something to maintain your grade because most teachers have their own ways of computing final grades

3)      Set your alarm and actually wake up…well I don’t have to really explain this one

4)      Coffee

Even though your mother or some health scientist has probably overloaded you with information on how harmful coffee really is, let’s be real and accept that we do need to sometimes stay awake till 5am in the morning and coffee really does help. However I am in no way what so ever suggesting that you fill your blood system with coffee. It’s like a win-lose situation as you have the whole of the remaining weeks after finals to get the coffee out of your system

5)      Eat healthy

I have seriously been eating healthier than I have eaten all semester. There are a variety of organic food markets in Tallahassee and I have been utilizing them to the max. My R.A told us that eating apples and having tea is an excellent alternative to having coffee, I tried that twice and it worked but my Starbucks addiction got in the way.

6)      Get comfortable

Isn’t studying in your jammies the best? I have realized that my retention rate goes way up if I study in comfortable clothes rather than my skinny jeans and stuff. The best part is that I have found many people who come to Strozier dressed in their baggiest but warmest clothes and I feel by no means out of place.

7)      Take breaks

As important as it is not to be distracted when you finally get in the zone to study, taking breaks is equally important. Your brain needs to rest and 20 minutes won’t hurt anyone. You could go eat something, talk to a friend, take a walk or even clean your room (which I did last night) and even though cleaning the room sounds painfully boring it is an excellent way to clear your mind!

Adios for now!! this was my last post for the semester but I will keep blogging when I get back from break! Happy Holidays!


2 Responses to Finals Week:

  1. Imran says:

    A good start buddy…for someone being new to the field of writing it seems quite ok…hope you will improve with time…take care & have nice holidays…

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