1st Semester: Over!

I can’t believe the semester is almost over already. I don’t have any more classes and I’m writing my last final tomorrow morning… at 7:30am… (Sigh) Anyways, my thoughts on this semester: First of all, it went by too fast although it does seem to have been a while since orientation. That is probably only because of all the things that I’ve done this semester. I went to Boston for a few days (to visit some friends who study there), Miami for a few days (because you just have to go see Miami, it is Miami after all), soccer intramurals, badminton club, blogging, gym three to four times a week, American Football, etc. Of course etc. are the things that I maybe don’t want to post up for everyone to read… As a freshman who has not joined a fraternity, I didn’t think I would be doing so much in my first semester other than studying and… well truth is I didn’t know what to expect; but it seems university is really great, and totally enjoyable. I think that it is not just university in general, but it is Florida State in particular. Last week there was this Breakfast-for-a-buck thing I wrote about in one of my earlier posts, it was definitely worth waiting about an hour in line for. The food was great, and the complimentary stuff that happened before was also an amazing experience. It was almost like we weren’t in Florida anymore for a night. There was a snow machine that created artificial snow and it was almost like the real deal. There were snowball fights going on, others were making snowmen, and it was chilly as London! That was an extraordinary experience; to be able to live as if there was snow, in a place that has never snowed before.  At the same time there was a Salsa show at Club Downunder; I heard it was really good, too bad I missed it. I was bowling and playing billiards at the Crenshaw. Just so you know by the way, everything mentioned above was going on at Oglesby Union. I’ll say it again like I have before. This union is great! A lot of things happen there and you are guaranteed a good Friday-night every Friday.

Now I go home and get back to studying for that last final exam. After that, Christmas break!! Ciao.


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