Back In Tally

Honestly, going back home and seeing my family and friends got me to think that I didn’t want to go back to Tallahassee. I was just so excited about being home and seeing everyone and it was awesome! Truth is, towards the end of my stay in Kuwait I was starting to think about my time in Tally and my new friends and just life here in general, and I came up with the conclusion that I miss it. The university is great, the city has enough things for you to do and even the classes can be amusing depending on the instructor of course, but most of the ones I’ve had so far are cool. I also missed blogging to some extent. Not just blogging, but my workplace and the idea that “I’m going to work”.

I got here on the evening of the 5th of January, a day after classes started. So I had to miss all my classes on the 4th and the 5th. What made it even worse is that my luggage did not arrive on the 4th. So on the 6th, my birthday, I went back to the airport in the morning to look for my luggage… and it wasn’t there. Of course I spoke with the luggage services and they said they’d call me if they find it. They called me later that day and said they’d found it and they delivered it to my apartment so that was nice. However, with this mix up with my luggage, I missed my classes on the 6th as well. Not the best of birthdays huh? Anyways, the policy here is as follows: if you miss the first day of class, you are automatically dropped out of the class. Since I didn’t go to my first three days of classes, I was basically dropped out of all my classes. That seems like a terrible thing at first, but if you remember what I have said before about drop/add week then you know it’s really not that bad at all. All I had to do was re-add my classes. Of course not the exact same classes at the exact same times were available but I was still able to add the same classes though at different times. It is now the second week of classes and I’ve already caught up with all the work I missed so all is good now. I also went to the coffee hour the next day and met up with some of my friends so that was great.

As I had anticipated, it is reeeaally cold here! Way colder than it was before I left.  It was -4 degrees Celsius this morning! Now get this straight: I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. I like the cold weather, although this is a little cooler than my ideal temperature but it’s not unbearable. At least I don’t think so. It’s really great to back and I’ve already gotten used to things here. I’m already not suffering from jetlag anymore. What I am suffering from is a cold (which I hate more than anything) and a sore throat. I’m feeling better now though thanks for asking. I’m also a little depressed because I missed the spring tryouts for the soccer team. On the bright side though, I joined a spring soccer intramurals team which is great! Although I would’ve liked to have a few more days in Kuwait to spend a little more time with everyone, it is good to be back.


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