The Streak of Bad Days is Over

You know how in “Meet the Parents” everything is going wrong for Ben Stiller? Now I know how he felt. The past weeks have been horrible! – For the most part. In my last post I told you how when I got here my luggage didn’t arrive until the next evening, and also how I had to catch up in my classes and how I was sick with a cold and a sore throat. I still haven’t quite recovered from the cold to start it off, but that’s really not much of a problem. The problems start with this: it turned out I was in the wrong math class so they dropped me out of it, and since it was already passed drop/add week, it was a hassle to get into the right class. So after catching up to the math class I enrolled in, they drop me and now I had to catch up to a new math class. Catching up in a math class is like giving your opponents a head start in a sprint race. You have to give more than 100% to recover and get back into place, but at that time you will be even more tired than the rest so it would be harder for you to keep the pace and on top of that, this sprint seems endless. Math aside, the workload for this semester is greater than the last semester just because I have an extra class, but due to missing a few days for each of my classes, I had a particularly gigantic workload to catch up in all classes, from English journals to history response papers, to French material that I had to teach myself. What more, my laptop caught a virus that just destroyed it! It can’t open anything! It’s the first time I see such a virus and hopefully the last.

This last Monday was Martin Luther King Day so we had no school. If he was alive today I would do anything to find him and tell him “I love you!!” So I did as I planned and went to the library on Monday to finish off my assignments… it was closed. Without a laptop, I had one solution: I had to wake up super early the next day to do that before my 8am math class. Like Ben Stiller, I was partially at fault for this overload of work. I didn’t paint the tail of a cat to make it seem like the real one and got caught, but I went out with friends to watch a movie and did other things when I could’ve been working but you can’t really blame me. I mean, it is pretty hard to go to the library and work on weekends knowing everyone else is out having fun. If you can do that, you deserve respect, lots of it! By the way, it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s called “How Do You Know”. Watch it!

This past Tuesday was the turning point of this miserable story. I had a huge break between the only two classes that I have on Tuesdays, and in that time I was able to complete all assignments due and catch up in all my classes. I also skyped with my family later that day and that always seems like a great way to relieve stress and take my mind off of all the work for a while. The next day which was yesterday, there was an extremely important soccer match that I had to see. Yes, I had to see it because if I don’t it’s like they’re missing a player. My team won and progressed to the quarter finals of the cup and that told me that things are finally getting better and the streak of bad days is over.


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