It’s All Good

Did I say the streak of bad days was over? Maybe it was; but it is definitely fighting its way back. Freaking persistent eh? Well I guess the good and bad are balancing each other out at the moment. My grades so far have been…fine. I have a couple of good ones, some that are not so good right now but I will be able to improve them soon. I got a zero on an online math quiz for not taking it. I was supposed to know about it through my FSU email but I guess I still don’t check it often enough. It’s going to be dropped anyways, so it’s all good.

I lost my French text book, or more accurately, it was stolen. I left it by mistake in the French class along with my notebook because we had a group activity in class and we moved around, I didn’t realize that I had taken my books out of the bag before the group activity so I just took my bag and left after class. When I came back to look for it, I only found the notebook. The textbook had… disappeared somehow. Of course it wasn’t at the lost and found because nothing I lose ever finds its way there. But It’s good I got my notebook back although I barely use it to write notes anyway so basically I have nothing to help me study for the quiz we’re having the next day. After much thinking, I went online and googled a lesson on the topic we’re studying in class and found a site that explains it really well; so it’s all good.

I was so excited the next night as I had my first intramurals game. It rained all morning long and the games were cancelled for that night. FML? Well not really. I kind of needed that time to finish a huge assignment due the next day which I was planning to work on through the night. I used the time I now had to do the assignment and was able to sleep at around midnight and our match will be re-scheduled so we will play sooner or later, so it’s all good.

The weather hasn’t been meeting expectations. It’s been warmer than it should be. This morning though it is pretty cold and I’m shaking! But not because I’m cold; it’s PMS. That’s right, Pre-Match Stress. The most important match of the season so far for my team will be played in a few hours… …       …   … ok. I hope they do well… I really gotta release some of this stress.

Finally I have gotten used to my classes and caught up in the ones I was behind in, but I’m fat. All I’ve been doing during the week is study, work, eat, and sleep. From now on though, I’m going to be able to fit the gym into my schedule. I’m finally going to start going there a couple of times a week so it’s all good. It’s all good.


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