Money Wise :D

Surprisingly I discovered on Monday that I had no due homework for the entirety of this week. Despite my initial jubilation my things to do in my ‘me’ time ran out and I found that I have nothing to do….and its killing me. I have conquered the peak of boredom and literally scanned through all newspaper articles and gone through all my favorite websites. I guess I had finally gotten used to homework and then suddenly having nothing to do in all the free time that I now have is horrible and weirdly I found myself wishing that I had homework. I still don’t have anything assigned BTW.

So I started making a list of my accomplishments this term and my biggest one right now is how little I spent on books even though I am taking mostly 2000 and 3000 level classes this semester. In total I spent $150 which is very neat. My pride and joy is getting my organic chemistry book for $22 including shipping which my friend by the way bought for $130. What can I say I am just very smart when it comes to spending money on ummm…just books? 😛

The best and cheapest way to buying cheaper books is to buy them early preferably a month before the semester starts. Honestly I have never followed that tip even though it is a wise move. I end up waiting to confirm with my professors on the importance of having the book. For example my organic chemistry book was so cheap because I asked my professor about the difference between the older and newer edition apart from the huge price difference and he confirmed that there was none. My friend went ahead and bought the newer edition which was listed before the classes started and therefore ended up paying $110 more than I did.

Second way is to buy the books online. Even though I write ‘for’ FSU honestly the campus bookstores are so much more expensive. EBay and Amazon offer a really decent price difference especially when the books you buy are used. And there is no problem in buying used books. All the books I bought are used and they all look as good as new. Remember if the book is as promised they always send a refund

Another way to buy books is to buy them from friends who have already taken the course in the previous semester. My engineering lab book is quoted online to $54.75 but I bought it from a girl in my dorm who took the same class last semester for $25. She also gave a copy of her midterm exam paper to me.

I have frankly always dreaded buying books because college books end up costing between $250-$400 which for international students who have to go through the whole exchange rate thing is horrible. In my first semester here, my books ended up costing $300 and selling them back didn’t get me far. It took me forever to be smart about how to spend my money. I know that my dad (who is btw following my blog) is sitting there in Pakistan and shaking his head that I think that I am smart about money but well you have to start somewhere. 😛


One Response to Money Wise :D

  1. abadullah says:

    great writing as usual , fsu must capitalize on the idea of providing cheaper books at campus. i think that would be a great service to students.

    nastaren , we and other lot of people here anxiously wait for your writing on blog so keep on writing and suggesting people on managing life at fsu. we all are sure about a great life at fsu.

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