Tomorrow morning along with 15 others from FSU, I am going to the Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC). The way I see it, I am going camping with a group of friends that I met recently, except we’re going to sleep in cabins instead of tents. We are to meet with many other students from different universities all around Florida who are also participating in FILC. Every day, there are several activities going on and you choose which of those you want to participate in. That is besides the main events such as the bon fire gathering where we are to gather around a bon fire and… roast marshmallows or something. I am not entirely sure exactly what we will be doing evidently, but that’s just how I prefer things. I want everything to be a surprise. Other than that, I don’t really know a whole lot about this camp but it seems like it is going to be really fun because we have a cool group and I am so anxious to go! One thing I know is that it will definitely be worthwhile. After all, there will be a soccer tournament! About soccer, I finally played my first soccer intramurals match of the season; it didn’t quite go as well as expected. The problems started when we first arrived at the field and our captain was told that he can’t play because he had lost his FSU student ID card. Then when the time came for the game to start, we were two players short. So we started with 5 players on the pitch (the games are played with seven players on each team) and then towards the end of the first half we finally had a complete team. We ended losing 3-5, which is not too bad considering the circumstances, which is no excuse by the way but, I’m just saying.


Back to the topic, we had to create a poster to represent FSU and we, the 14 student participants, met a few times to get it done. The final product is a potential contest winning one. The coolest thing about it is that those speakers you can see attached to it at the bottom are going to be playing the FSU Seminole War Chant in repeat. Intimidating…  🙂

The down side to this whole thing is that I am missing all my classes on Friday. On top of that, those three days I am spending at the conference are three days in which I won’t be doing any school work. However, considering the work I had to do to catch up earlier this semester, I am now a pro at catching up so it shouldn’t be that bad; also my instructors are notified, and are understanding and helpful.

Next post I will have pictures and detailed info on this FILC; so stay posted!


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