Monday blues…

Monday’s *sigh*….*yawn and sigh again* I can’t wait for Friday… 😦

I had an organic chemistry quiz this morning which I bombed in a bad way. On an optimistic note it was a bonus quiz and therefore not graded and further would not affect my grade in any way. On another optimistic note it showed me where I was lacking and what to expect for the exam which is on Friday so I can prepare….belch that’s a very sad attempt at optimism…..

Then in my English class I realized that I had forgotten to charge my laptop and therefore right in the middle of a reading it decided to hibernate. Of course today is also one of those days that I forget to carry my power cord on.

AND it’s raining on top of it

However despite these minimal setbacks I am in a very good mood. We have French musician and composer Yann Tiersen playing at Club Downunder tonight at 930!!!He is best known for composing the score on the French Film Amélie, which my roommate btw is completely gaga over :D. His music is supposed to be a mixture of French Folk mixed with street music and pop/rock which give an amazing unpredictable mix so I am really excited about going. Secondly the show is going to be opened by S. Carey a drummer from Bon Iver :O

The best part of this all is that the show is free for all FSU students 🙂 good things come in free packages!

THEN Washed Out plays on Wednesday, February 9 in Club Downunder. I heard them last semester when they opened for Yeasayer and they were pretty cool.The lead singer started composing songs and producing them from his bedroom studio and technically started gaining recognition through his MySpace page. The style of music is sometimes identified with the chillwave movement ( according to Wikipedia this is a genre of music in which  artists are often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and hypnagogic, heavily filtered vocals with sun-drenched, simple melodic lines.) so I am extremely excited about this too and I am just going to push the fact that I have an exam on Thursday morning  to the back of my mind.

I have also been oddly healthy, food wise, today.  I had milk this morning (good for my bones) and then a salad for lunch. My body hasn’t been craving carbs either so I am happy. My biggest problem is that I end up giving my body all the junk food it ends up craving and that is not good as it makes me tired all the time.

On another note, my roommates and I have been house searching for Fall 2011 and onwards and they spotted an awesome house which is about 10minutes walk from

campus  and its newly remodeled, actually its being remodeled, so we called them up. However they don’t want to unfortunately wait till Fall to let it       out and want to give it off immediately. However if they can’t let it off to someone till the end of March we might get it so here’s crossing our fingers that   nobody else likes it 🙂

do svidaniya for now! (  and yes I used Google translate )


One Response to Monday blues…

  1. abadullah says:

    if its really a good house / deal , may be you can seal the deal by paying rent for march upfront.


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