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Happy singles awareness day!!! Yes like possibly every school/college/university/institute of learning Florida State is RED….the dining halls also stepped up amazingly and served a whole valentine themed lunch which of course meant Italian. I decided to make the most of it and stuffed my face with anything and everything I could get my hands on; where almost every other girl giggled and tried to look pretty I ate like a ravenous animal.

I am not a V-day hater; I actually love all the free stuff that you get and all the sweet deals everywhere. But this is also the day where couples throw pompous looks at you and smirk as if they have unveiled the secrets of the universe. (BTW if you need a good laugh read this post about the worst date ever by Jon A Cuff) .( I can’t take credit for this cause it’s my friend’s idea but) my plan for v-day involves making brownies and watching some sappy weird flick. Maybe they are just taking pity on my single-ness but I think I am going to start a tradition….

For quick facts I googled famous stuff that happened on 14th Feb. apart from valentine’s day and this is what came up!

  • February 14th, 1929 – On the same day that Mickey Mouse made his cinematic debut, Al Capone murdered seven of his mobster rivals in what is still known as the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
  • February 14th, 1957 – The Senate in Georgia unanimously approves a bill by Senator Leon Butt which barred black people from playing baseball with white people.
  • February 14th, 1967 – Aretha Franklin records “RESPECT.” In light of the above event, I think very appropriate!
  • February 14th, 1989 – The first of the Global Positioning System is placed into orbit and the world’s first satellite Sky phone opens. In 1990, Voyager takes a photograph of the entire solar system . . . awesome!

About the Yann Tiersen concert…it was amazing! My friend made a YouTube channel and uploaded most of the videos of the concert in it. We went half an hour before time and got amazing seats on the upper deck of club downunder and yes seats! S.Carey from Bon Iver blew me away and though they were not as good as Yann Tiersen I would still totally check them out again. It was a whole new genre I had never experienced before and I strongly recommend it

On another note I did absolutely nothing this weekend except laze around. The only three times I moved was to go out to eat with my friend on Saturday night and have breakfast on Sunday morning AND when I went to the animal shelter to play with puppies with my friends. I had thought that playing with the dogs there would help cover up, to a small extent, the whole homesickness thing that I feel for my dog but it kind of made it worse. It was so sad to see all of them staring at me through their cages and the way they got excited when someone chose them to play with or adopt. The sad part is that these are the dogs that have been left due to neglect by their owners and if someone does not adopt them in a years’ time they are put to sleep. As evil as that sounds the foundation does not have sufficient funding to sustain them and they can’t be left out on the roads. One of the volunteers told me that more than half of those that come in don’t leave alive. It is a very depressing thought. But with the limited amount of resources they have the volunteers there do an amazing job.

I have also been weirdly following the NY fashion week this time. Something I have never done before. Though it’s not just me, it seems that half my dorm is doing the same thing. What fascinated me this time was the huge number of Asian designers who have been getting tremendous recognition at this platform.  Richard Chai and Kuho are two people I actually looked forward to and I have not been disappointed. I am on a lookout for stuff by Naeem Khan, he’s not an upcoming designer though, and he has been here since a long time. For those who don’t know, he is an Indian born, American designer who incorporates the west and east in his works in a very drool worthy collection.

BTW the best anti valentines day joke I’ve heard today till now: I’m ravenous for your love, please pass the ketchup


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  1. abadullah says:

    very informative , am happy at least a better sense prevailed and some one sitting at fsu googled , searched and shared happenings on 14th feb – definately an awareness for every one.

    always keep your thinking caps on and provide us new ideas about way forward in life!!!

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