I Miss My Babies…

Innocent? Nah. Deceptive.

The beat goes on, and the beat goes on…

I miss my babies so I’m writing this song

I’d wake up to the sound of them crying

Get shaken up, on my bed they’re trying

to wake me up. Get up!” they scream into my ear

At which time I decide to use fear        

I shush them and tell them to leave my room

Backfire, they come at me with a broom

With a broom the ‘beat’ goes on, the ‘beat’ goes on…

…until I wake up. So that’s basically how I used to wake up on weekends. It doesn’t really sound nice but honestly, I like it. I start my day messing around with these kids and tricking them into doing the craziest stuff. Even better, I make them call me Sassano, Uncle Sassano. There is nothing better than having a little thing that you can manipulate however you want, even making it say things like “Saleh is the strongest person in the world”. Or the sincere hug full of love that I get from these kids that shows the true appreciation of the time I spend with them every time they visit. I feel soothed for the rest of the night after they kiss me goodbye. Only one thing can beat that and soothe me even more: ice cream!

Having kids around the house is just awesome. You keep seeing things from each of them that just crack you up. They all have their unique ways of being funny. The best thing about it is that I’m not any of their parents, so I’m not technically responsible for them. I get to enjoy them without having to change their diapers or clean up their messes!

I was in bed the other night and before I slept I was thinking to myself, “oh they probably forgot me and don’t love me anymore”. I was surprised when the other night I spoke with my mom and she told me this story… My brother was teaching his 4 year old kid how to be tough and they were wrestling, and fighting for a while, trying to get his son to build some confidence in himself, telling him things like “Look at you! You are strong!” or “Ow, you hurt me” and finally after he was ‘defeated’ in the fight by his son, he asked him “who’s the strongest in the world?” Obviously the answer he was looking for was an enthusiastic and confident “Me!” His answer had all the confidence and enthusiasm alright but it was not “me”, it was “Uncle Sassano!” That’s right, me! I taught them well. Above all though, it was so good to hear that because it proves my thoughts wrong and re-assures me that I am not forgotten. Every time my parents call me on the phone and I hear the ruckus in the background that the kids were causing it makes me want to see them ever more. I miss them more than anything.

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