Random observations

Today Americans celebrate forefather’s day which is a federal holiday btw but we are one of the few college students that don’t get a holiday 😦 booo…..

So I won’t beat about the bush…today is one of those days when my mind has totally zoned out due to lack of sleep, despite the two tall caramel macchiato’s that I chugged down and the icy cold shower that I took earlier…..so my mind is completely blank right now and I am going to say that I have a bad case of writer’s block. So today I am going to write about random stuff that I have observed or found interesting over the course of my semester.

First observation: I think that some people just feel delighted over giving random long orders at Starbucks. The, according to me, longest order ever given at Starbucks here on campus which I happened to overhear was Iced, decaf, non fat, no whip, white chocolate mocha Frappuccino. This doesn’t make much sense to me btw     because:

1) I don’t like the idea of coffee which is low on caffeine, it kind of negates the whole concept for me…however I am sure there are many people who would gladly contradict this

2) Frappuccino are already iced i.e. it is coffee blended with ice

Second Random fact: Last night when I was writing my research paper I found out that the famous Tank Man who single handedly stood in front of Chinese tanks in 1989 during the protests in Beijing’s Tienanmen Square is actually M.I.A. Nobody knows his identity or his whereabouts and is therefore also famously called the unknown rebel. According to video footage two figures pulled the man away and disappeared with him into the crowd. A theory is that they could have been from the secret police and that he was just one of those who were secretly executed. Time Magazine however classifies him in Top 100 influential people :O

Third: No matter how much you prepare, you gain weight in college especially if you are on a meal plan and are non-vegetarian. College cafeterias offer a large variety of junk food to load up on all the fats, proteins, carbohydrates and more fats. The poor vegetarian students have to make a decision between salad, tofu and cheese pizza…. However recently I started eating salad and mixing only the chicken piece from chicken burger and fries into my salad. So there are some ways in which people can mix and match food to make it more balanced and appetizing.

Fourth: Boxed dinners are horrible.

Fifth: A normal sleep cycle is actually 90 minutes. This theory is defined under polyphasic Sleep. To maximize frequency of waking activity, college students nowadays are following this pattern. So technically what I understood from this was that you sleep in a way that conditions your body to learn to enter REM sleep immediately when you begin sleeping instead of much later in the sleep cycle. The complete sleep cycle takes about an hour and a half, so you condition yourself in a way that your body gets to complete these cycles and not wake up or be disturbed in the middle of or before the completion of one whole such cycle. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan on doing it tonight. My floor mates however have tried following this pattern and they have reported positive results.

Sixth: Professors hate people eating in class more than texting. I don’t know how to explain that one but I guess if it was me I would hate to see people munching on stuff because it would not only distract me but might possibly also make me hungry?


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