The Thrill of Competition

I finally know what I will do during spring break, at least for the first half of it. I will be going to different parts of Florida including Miami, Key West (an island south of Miami), and then back north to Panama City. That’s the plan for now, which should cover the first 5 days of spring break. The rest of the break I will leave to fate.

I have never been a fan of basket ball; yesterday I went with a few friends to an FSU basketball game though, and I have to say, well… I kind of lost my voice. The stadium was packed! Although I don’t really like basketball, it was the thrill of competition that allowed me to enjoy the game. When you see everyone in the entire stadium raised to their feet, screaming at the top of their lungs, chanting the Seminole war chant… you just can’t sit there and watch. This competitive spirit forces you to rise along with your fellow Seminoles and cheer the FSU team on! What added a great deal of excitement is the fact that we hadn’t lost a single home match throughout this entire season, and yesterday’s game was our last home game. One thing I didn’t know is that in college basketball they play two periods only, not 4. In the first half we were always ahead by a 2-4 points and UNC were playing catch-up. In the second period though, they started strong and turned things around 180 degrees. They scored a couple of quick points and all of a sudden we were the ones playing catch-up. It was like that for most of the second period. Towards the end though UNC kicked it up a no

Going for a 3-pointer

tch and were 7 points ahead with about 10 minutes left to the game. At this point I was totally taken in by the spirit of the Seminoles. I was rooting with passion for FSU and hopeful for a recovery! In the last minute of the game we finally recovered and were a point ahead. That’s when I sort of lost my voice.  All we needed to do was defend for one single minute and emerge victorious. Sadly, seconds away from the final whistle UNC scored and got ahead. Tragic ending for the Seminoles who fought to the last second to try to score in the last few seconds and came close, but close is not enough. Had we won that game we would have had a perfect home record for the season! In the end, although it would have been nice if we had won, for the sake of FSU spirit; but it is not worth a fraction of my feelings to grieve over basketball, and I lost my voice for nothing. I must say it was an intense game and I had a great time. It is always a great experience to attend FSU games whether basketball or football. The thrill of competition and the FSU spirit will always release the monster in you and force you to cheer with all your heart!


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