Spring in Tallahassee

Hells week ends today after 7 more hours. I don’t think I have put as much effort into classes as I did this week so it better pay off. On a happy note I get to leave for Houston on Saturday and there I will rest my frazzled nerves for the remainder of the break 😀

This happens to be my first “actual” spring season, especially because in Karachi we don’t really have spring and go straight from chilly to BAM! Summer. But the weather is perfect and the flowers are blooming all around me. I think this season (for me at least) highlights the best of the campus. There are so many nooks around campus that I hadn’t noticed before till now. However I also think that the world looks brighter to me because I stay cooped up in the library in front of my laptop all day.

Speaking of the library, Strozier is having a series of Acoustic concerts every Wednesday night from about 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock. Yes concerts in the library! Even though they sound like a disturbance for those who study but they are limited to a Starbucks sitting area so there are whole other 4 floors where you can study! Anyway the concerts are organized by our very own FSU music major students. So it is not only an excellent chance for them to showcase their talents but also gain experience and feedback about their performances. Plus they are free 🙂

Okay so I happen to be officially the laziest person on earth. I started writing this blog last night at 1 and somehow got distracted, fell asleep and remembered it now after 19 whole hours. At least I got done with all my exams 🙂

I leave for Houston tomorrow afternoon but I still haven’t packed. My friends and I decided to go to chick-fil-A right after my exam ended because they had a free fry-day today. Yup their amazing waffle fries were free today for all customers, and customers means even the people who buy just water or a coke their and that’s exactly what we did…

Then we ended up in a wildlife park about 30 minutes from Tallahassee called St. Marks and it was absolutely gorgeous there. I actually saw two snakes and a gator with a multitude of fish, crabs and interesting plants. St. Marks is one of the oldest refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge Systems. Apparently refuge includes coastal marshes, islands, tidal creeks and estuaries of seven north Florida Rivers. The refuge also has a lighthouse, which apparently got remade 3 times. Once because it was burnt down and another time a part of it had collapsed.



One Response to Spring in Tallahassee

  1. abadullah says:

    great , enjoy your hard earmed holidays.

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