Three and a half Weeks Left!

Really? I cannot believe it. Time FLEW by. It’s like last week I was in orientation. But when I look back at all the things that I have done this year it makes me say ”ok yes, it has been a year”. I have done so much I should really thank FSU for that. It provided me with so many opportunities, all of which are really enjoyable. I tried to benefit fully from all that FSU has to offer, from extra classes, to the sports facilities and gym, to conferences like the FILC, and finally, for giving me the opportunity to have a job and gain work experience. All those things make the FSU campus such an outstanding place to be. You could really enjoy your university life without needing to leave campus much. You could just stay on campus all day everyday and everything you need and more is available to you. It makes life easy for its students. By always having so much to do, it feels like you days are so short and time goes by too fast. Before you know it, you’re writing your final assignments and registering for classes for the next semester.

This is probably the most hectic time of year for students. With two and a half weeks left until final exams, all final projects are due soon and final tests are coming up.  This is my first year of university, but generally, in high-school, towards the end of the year I feel like I just want the year to be over and laziness kicks in. That hasn’t changed now that I am in university. In fact, if anything, the feeling just got stronger. Although you enjoy your life at university here at FSU, it can be exhausting to always be doing things all the time. So towards the end, you feel like you can really use a summer vacation; and just that is what’s coming up pretty soon! 🙂

Thinking back to all that I’ve done, I started thinking about things that I absolutely enjoyed, and things that I would have liked to do but didn’t do them for whatever reason. In addition to the opportunities I talked about above, probably the best experience was the FILC. It was also great to be able to enjoy all the free services of the Leech Center – the gym, sports clubs, swimming pool and spa, etc.  Even having done all those things, there is much that I wish I had taken advantage of but didn’t. Such things include the SLC, the circus, the reservation, etc. The student life center plays recent movies such as Black Swan earlier this week, True Grit soon, and many more. I also did not go to the FSU circus which has a reputation of being better than you expect it to be. The reservation is a huge park, the best place for you to get to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities and is reserved for FSU students only. It is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable places to be on nice weather weekends. With just a few weeks left, I still might be able to enjoy these things if I can manage my time well.


It’s All Good

Did I say the streak of bad days was over? Maybe it was; but it is definitely fighting its way back. Freaking persistent eh? Well I guess the good and bad are balancing each other out at the moment. My grades so far have been…fine. I have a couple of good ones, some that are not so good right now but I will be able to improve them soon. I got a zero on an online math quiz for not taking it. I was supposed to know about it through my FSU email but I guess I still don’t check it often enough. It’s going to be dropped anyways, so it’s all good.

I lost my French text book, or more accurately, it was stolen. I left it by mistake in the French class along with my notebook because we had a group activity in class and we moved around, I didn’t realize that I had taken my books out of the bag before the group activity so I just took my bag and left after class. When I came back to look for it, I only found the notebook. The textbook had… disappeared somehow. Of course it wasn’t at the lost and found because nothing I lose ever finds its way there. But It’s good I got my notebook back although I barely use it to write notes anyway so basically I have nothing to help me study for the quiz we’re having the next day. After much thinking, I went online and googled a lesson on the topic we’re studying in class and found a site that explains it really well; so it’s all good.

I was so excited the next night as I had my first intramurals game. It rained all morning long and the games were cancelled for that night. FML? Well not really. I kind of needed that time to finish a huge assignment due the next day which I was planning to work on through the night. I used the time I now had to do the assignment and was able to sleep at around midnight and our match will be re-scheduled so we will play sooner or later, so it’s all good.

The weather hasn’t been meeting expectations. It’s been warmer than it should be. This morning though it is pretty cold and I’m shaking! But not because I’m cold; it’s PMS. That’s right, Pre-Match Stress. The most important match of the season so far for my team will be played in a few hours… …       …   … ok. I hope they do well… I really gotta release some of this stress.

Finally I have gotten used to my classes and caught up in the ones I was behind in, but I’m fat. All I’ve been doing during the week is study, work, eat, and sleep. From now on though, I’m going to be able to fit the gym into my schedule. I’m finally going to start going there a couple of times a week so it’s all good. It’s all good.

decisions… :/

I am in a really good mood today due to a series of very fortunate occurrences. The sun is shining for one and it’s not very cold, I finally got over my sushi addiction( believe it or not I have been craving and consuming sushi since the past 6 days) and my favorite drama( did I ever mention my Korean drama addiction? Well I think they are the best!!) Is turning out just the way I wanted it to. However the number one reason is that one of my class got cancelled and that gave me a 5 hour break between classes 😀 . So to spread my happy vibe; I have decided not to write about mope-y and depressing stuff today.

I finally went to the gym yesterday. I had been planning on doing that since I had stepped into FSU but I was way too lazy to motivate myself. I have unhealthy habits and one major one being that if I want to lose weight I cut down on food instead of exercising. However my roommate finally forced me yesterday to move off my laptop and go exercise with her and I ended up actually enjoying it. It also made me feel good about myself so I have made a resolution to exercise more often now, at least twice a week.

So anyway, today I’m mostly going to write about the factors that ‘should’ be considered when making a decision about which college to attend.

Even though this is the time when most college applications are due, let’s fast-forward and think about the time when you have to finally make a decision. Picking the wrong college can not only take away a huge chunk of your parents’ money (unless you have 100% scholarship) but also cause a lot of stress and anxiety. No matter what we all wish for college is expensive…it’s very expensive so it’s best to make an informed decision (it’s also best to make the decision yourself instead of waiting for some sign from a higher power or something)

1)      How much will it cost?

This is an important consideration for students who get admission on self finance basis. They have to consider how much they can ask their parents to put in. However if you get financial aid it’s important to look at the offers closely. If you get a lower amount of aid you can also contact the schools and make another offer, sometimes the schools are willing to negotiate on this basis.

2)      Location

Do you want to live near or far from home? Is it a college town/city or a megalopolis? The convenient thing about college towns is that they are well equipped with the needs of college students and that everything is near/ easily available. However the overtime they can get boring as everything that is discoverable in the city has been discovered at this time the larger cities come to aid as there is a lot going on.

3)      Size

Would you be more comfortable in a large student population setting or a smaller population? There are advantages for both. A larger setting means that there is more diversity around and there therefore different groups of people around making it easier to make find your own group of friends. There is also the blessing of anonymity. However that also means larger classrooms depending obviously on the course type. Larger campuses also have a lot of things going on like college fairs and therefore there is greater chance of finding opportunities. A smaller student population means smaller classrooms and therefore greater interaction with your professors and the ease of meeting faculty is greater.

4)      Safe/Comfortable

I don’t really have to explain this one as campus safety and how the administration keeps the campus safe need to be considered

5)      Facilities

There are going to be days when you would have nothing to do, no movies that ‘have’ to be seen, and no blogs that ‘have’ to be written or followed. There is going to be a time that you’ll wish that someone, anyone was online but no one would be there. So facilities provided by the university are very very very important and should be considered.

6)      How flexible are the requirements when it comes to majors?

I should have mentioned this somewhere in the beginning… However I know that most of us firmly believe that we will keep with the intended major we started with but that is not always the case. Most of the times, it’s just not what we expected and therefore it is also necessary to find out how flexible universities are within curriculums regarding majors. Starting with a degree program which is flexible and gives a wide range of opportunities is very important especially in today’s markets where employment decisions are enforced by economic traditions.

With all of this I end today’s post and hope that these pointers help you in making college decisions. Happy Reading!!!!

The Bobby E. Leach Center and Sports

The Leach Center is more than just FSU’s gym. It is definitely one of the best gyms I have ever been to, and probably is the best. First of all, let me talk about the machines available. It has so many different machines that can work out every muscle in your body. You will rarely have to wait in order to use a machine that someone else is using, because there are at least 2 of each machine, and there are many similar machines that work out the same muscles. They have fitness machines, free-weight machines, and cardio-vascular machines.

Apart from the machines, there is an indoor track on the third floor that overlooks the swimming pool. The swimming pool has 16 lanes, diving boards, and nets for pool basketball. There is also an open area for which you can reserve goals for pool handball. In the pool area, there are 2 steam rooms, a sauna, and 2 hot tubs, a small one and a large one. The pool offers swimming classes and Open Water scuba diving classes, as well as a 100 mile club. This is a club where basically, you must swim 100 miles over the course of the year. Locker rooms are big enough to never be even close to full. Over 600 lockers are spread out among the 4 locker rooms; men’s general, men faculty/staff, women’s general, women faculty and staff. Lockers can be rented for free at the front desk. Towels are not free to rent but are cheap.

For all of you athletes out there, the leach center has a number of courts, for various sports. It has 6 racquetball/squash courts, 3 regulation-sized basketball courts in which 2 are available for pick-up basketball and shoot arounds, and 1 is designated for volleyball, badminton, and table-tennis, 2 multipurpose courts for volleyball or badminton, and just outside the leach center are several tennis courts. Those courts are available anytime the gym is open. Most of these sports have clubs that you either have to tryout to join or you can just go and play. That depends on the sport. That being said, if you do not make the team of the sport you tried out for, intramurals and tournaments are held throughout the year for the different sports and pick-up matches are also easy to set up. Soccer is one sport that I have not mentioned yet. There are plenty of opportunities to play soccer. There is a club that you have to try out for, intramurals, fields free to play at around campus. There is no need to worry about finding an opportunity to play any sport. It is really easy. Of course there are so many more sports clubs that you can join such as hockey, baseball, bowling, surfing, equestrian and more.

Services at the Leach center are top-notch. They have many different group exercise classes for fitness, cardio, and mind & body exercises. There are also free nutrition classes, body composition analysis, massage therapy, etc. Finally, there is smoothie stand that sells nutritious shakes and smoothies and some protein bars. Exercise and sports should be regular things in the weekly schedule of a student at university. For more information on the Leach center or any of the sports, click here.

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