Mixed Emotions

As the title suggests, my departure from Tallahassee is drawing near. The semester has ended, grades are out, and it is time to go see my family! I haven’t seen them for 5 months and counting which beats my previous record of not seeing them for a little less than 4 months. It was my niece’s birthday 2 days ago, yet another event that I missed. Soon though, I will be catching up with all that I’ve missed once I meet them and I cannot wait!

                Since I’m leaving soon, I’ve been trying to do a lot of things these days while I still have the chance. Of these things is the flamethrower challenge at Stevie B’s Pizza. To be honest, knowing how it would play out, I wouldn’t have done it. :p It was not worth it at all! I’m not a big fan of spicy food in the first place, but that sauce that they put on the pizza was way too spicy! The challenge started and the mood was so tense. They sit you in the “Flame room” which is a small isolated area, wall painted red, a poster of a man blowing fire out of his mouth right there on the wall next to you and a bucket on your side in case you needed it if you know what I mean. The timer started and I had 20 minutes to finish it. After 2 bites, the spiciness got to me and at that very moment I just stopped and said to myself “wow, this is overwhelmingly spicy, I can’t do it”. I kept drinking water while my friend was trying to convince me to keep going, but he was just delaying the inevitable. After 10 minutes of just drinking water and listening to the empty support of my friend, I quit. My advice? Don’t do it!

                Recently I have discovered a soccer field that is official sized and has perfectly clean-cut grass. It was the discovery of a lifetime! I hadn’t played in a field like that in soooo long. Another one of those things I wish I knew about earlier.

                Also, another thing I plan on doing before I leave is finally visiting Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando! As soon as I finish writing this post I will officially be completely free to do whatever I want until I leave to see my family! Whenever that happens, it will be with a heavy heart. It has been such a wonderful year in Tallahassee and I enjoyed every bit of it. I learned an awful lot from living here far away from any family and such. I believe I am even more responsible and mature now. It has been an exhilarating experience in which I have met so many different interesting people from all over the world. I met people from so many different countries with such different cultures. It is truly a diverse campus with endless opportunities to participate in organizational events, activity events, social events, etc. and meeting all sorts of people.

I wish I could write more perhaps about the visit to Orlando if it happens but unfortunately this is my last post before I leave. It has certainly been great to be able to share my experiences and information and I wish it was helpful to its respective audience. I am so grateful to have come to such an amazing university and would encourage anyone and everyone to study here. It does not disappoint! Form the students to the staff and faculty to the professors and instructors to all the events and opportunities to the campus itself I rate my first year of university a whopping 10/10!


Post 4: Just one more week to go….

Noles minced the Gators!!!!! WOOH! 31-7 what a game!

Even though I was in Miami for thanksgiving break (and I am completely in love with Miami) what I really wanted was to be back in Tally watching the Noles spear the gators and celebrating here and not there!  We get to go to the ACC championship game, FSU is also the state champion after 1999 and we also finished the season ranked inside the top 20! This has in my opinion been an awesome season for FSU.

For those of you who don’t know Florida State University and the University of Florida have had a long standing rivalry which gets pretty intense. This rivalry is not just limited to the football field but goes in all corners around academic to diversity in student population.

So back to the game, when we started the gators (UF) took a lead of 7-3, but after that the Noles didn’t let them score and rounded up the game at 31-7. And right after the game it was found that Maryland had beaten NC State which gave FSU a chance to take part in the ACC championship which will be held in Charlotte, NC. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Apart from that exam week is here 😦 and the tension is killing me. I have 3 finals and one multimedia presentation next week!!! I have to run to the library every morning at 9 to get a good spot because by 10 the whole place is full and don’t even get me started about studying at night! I can’t do all-nighters no matter how hard I try and two nights ago the library was so crowded by people that I ended up sitting on the floor between the book shelves (it was surprisingly comfortable) but that was also because I was too lazy to check the other floors for available seating.

FSU has 8 libraries; my favorite is Dirac Science library because it’s really quiet there but Strozier or Club Stroz as the lingo here goes is the most popular, mostly because of the wide variety of facilities it offers. It is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. All of the libraries have a lot of sources both in online and hardcopy form (the website says over 3 million) they also offer free tutoring for most of the classes. There is academic advising and one-on-one help options which comes in handy when you have multimedia or research projects. The website also helps with a free citation manager which I think is really helpful because I’m terrible at citations. Also the study rooms are sound proof and they have smart rooms too which are really cool!

A word of advice before I sign off and head to study again: Even though I am the kind of person who studies best in my night suit studying in the room isn’t really a good idea….there are just too many distractions like food and a cozy bed 😦

Well, this is going to be a hard week….adios for now!!!!

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